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Within every individual, there exists a yearning to be free

Unfortunately, the definition of freedom becomes clouded when we are surrounded by the influences of a world in
full rebellion to universal Biblical principles of conduct. Were it not for the Bible, mankind would have no divine reference or authority to discern right from wrong. Today, many are beginning to realize that because of man's unprecedented rebellion against God, coupled with the threat of modern nuclear weapons in the hands of terror-sponsoring regimes, our world is headed for extinction apart from divine intervention. Throughout history, when defiance to these timeless constraints predominates, the restraining grace is lifted and judgment follows. However, this time the outcome will be much different. This time God's judgment
will make
a far greater and lasting impression.

Man, in his natural, unregenerate and sinful condition, is separated from God and in need of reconciliation with God our creator. From the gospel according to John, our Lord has made the following promise to all believers and then qualifies it by declaring his deity and universal authority to carry out that promise.

Jesus said in John 8:32
“You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

John 14:6
“I am the way, the truth and the life.
No man comes to the Father but by me.”

John 11:25-26
I am the resurrection and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: 26 And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die."

God the Father, through his son Jesus Christ, has provided us with one way to salvation and reconciliation by grace through faith. He has provided a way for us to inherit eternal life. He has offered us true freedom from the bondage of our own sinful nature and freedom from a corrupt world system which appears to be
about to make its last stand.

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